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With the help of ComAp controllers, Qantas now operates a 12MW Trigeneration plant at Sydney Airport. The Trigeneration plant supports Qantas’ facility which includes maintenance and repair workshops, catering facility, their new terminal and head office.
ComAp has a range of controllers to suit Trigeneration facilities including their new InteliSys Gas; specifically developed for the Gas engine
market with PLC and AFR support. The InteliSys Gas paired with the InteliVision 12 Touch makes an excellent choice for your Cogeneration or Trigeneration solution.

As part of the TEDOM Trigeneration packages, Goldman Energy utilised ComAp technology in the control and integration system. The GenSet control allows excellent optimisation and visibility of the units from a central plant room. ComAp programming is a vital part of every Trigeneration system and enables the operators and Original equipment suppliers to remotely monitor the system. The ComAp offering also allows control of other plant equipment without purchasing additional hardware. With 4 ports for inputs and outputs, and the option for modularising the system, the whole plant can be run from a single control panel.

Comap controls generator cogeneration programming upgrades commissioning

Inteli-pro | Inteli-Sys | Intelivision 8

Inteli-pro | Inteli-Sys | Intelivision 8

Alongside these controllers, Goldman installed a number of InteliMonitors.

InteliMonitor is Windows 2000 /XP /Vista /Win7 /Win8 compatible software which provides the following main functions:

  • Online monitoring of a controller or site
  • Fully customizable SCADA diagram
  • Browsing of all measured and computed values
  • Browsing of controller history records
  • Adjusting set points
  • Receiving active calls
  • PLC Monitor, great PLC monitoring tool is a part of InteliMonitor

InteliMonitor can be connected to the controller or site:

  • Directly using a serial cable
  • Remotely via modems
  • Remotely via Internet (Ethernet)
  • Remotely via ComAp AirGate
  • Offline
Web supervisor Control

Web supervisor Control