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The Outpost WASP Smart AMI Platform is a revolutionary point to point wireless monitoring solution that minimises costs and maximises reliability for utility AMI. Outpost Central’s WASP end-points can connect to any compatible water or gas meter within mobile phone coverage. Meter readings, consumption profiles and alarms are automatically  transmitted to a web-based back-end with a suite of water monitoring tools including leak detection, meter face sync and consumption reports.

Our technicians will install the devices. Each stand-alone device is installed next to a current installed meter. By reading the meter, and uploading the data to our secure portal, you will be able to access and view your data at any time, from anywhere.

What is the Wasp System?

  • Automatic 15 minute reads (transferred daily)
  • Use on distributed sites – no density required
  • Deterministic battery life reported from web
  • No mesh network management overhead
  • Suitable for urban and rural environments
  • No risk of  pectrum degradation over time


Outpost Central Smart meters

Outpost Central Smart meters

Why install a WASP system?

  • Drill in to meter 15min profile data to identify leaks and analyse result of fixes
  • Customised dashboards. Select from standard graphs & customise by menu option
  • Group volume into arbitrary time periods: Example: Compare submeter time of use for 4 different meters
  • Customise facts & figures for each graph: Peak usage, minimums, total, average & more
  • Create graphs to compare usage from different time periods to gauge improvements
  • Choose from a comprehensive list of standard reports: Billing data, exception reports & more
  • Billing data report standard. Check meter face synchronisation, add estimates
  • Use google maps to view meter points across the campus. Drill into meter data from map
  • Customise the graph data shown in the map drill in: TOU profiles, billing data & more
Capable of monitoring multiple sites

Capable of monitoring multiple sites