LG Electronics air-cooled screw Chillers are complete, self-contained automatic refrigerating units that include the latest in engineering components arranged to provide a compact and efficient unit. Each unit is completely assembled; factory wired, evacuated, charged, tested and comes complete and ready for installation. Each unit consists of:-

  • Multiple air-cooled condensers with integral sub-cooler sections
  • One or more accessible semi-hermetic twin screw compressors
  • Star-Delta starters
  • High-efficiency evaporator
  • Complete refrigerant piping

LG Air Cooled Screw Chiller

High Energy Efficiency

  • Screw compressor with 5:6 patented rotors & semi-hermetic motor
  • Falling film type evaporator with high thermal efficiency
  • V-shape structure & wide louver Goldfin™ increases heat transfer area
  • Low-noise fan with sound attenuation design

Reliability & Stability

  • Chlorine-induced corrosion resistant Goldfin™ (standard)
  • Multi-circuit for backup operation
  • Safety control system
  • R-134a refrigerant, ODP = 0

LG Air Cooled Screw Chiller Backup Operation & Corrosion Resistance via Goldfin Technology

Operation & Interface

  • Touchscreen 7″ display for operator interface
  • Modular configuration (4 cycles to 1 controller)
  • Modbus™, BACnet™, TCP/IP interface with BMS


LG Air Cooled Screw Chiller Isometric View