City Recital Hall, or City Recital Hall Angel Place, in Sydney, Australia, is a purpose-built concert venue with the capacity for 1,200 guests seated over three tiers of sloped seating. It is situated in the city centre just off Martin Place.

City Recital Hall, opened in 1999, is the first specially designed concert venue to be built in the city since the Opera House in 1973. The role of City Recital Hall is to provide a high quality venue of international standing.

Goldman Energy were awarded the contract to replace the existing electric chillers and remote air cooled condensers. This required removing the two existing chillers from a basement plant room, draining the existing R22 refrigerant, replacing the circulation pumps and installing two new Electric chillers.

The remote condensers on the roof required crane access and the replacement of the four existing fan units.


The City of Sydney required the chillers to be replaced for two reasons.

  • Improved reliability of operation. The existing chillers had maintenance issues which meant that the cooling systems was not operating optimally
  • Replacement of R22 refrigerant. Due to the new legislation, R22 refrigerant is no longer available. The City of Sydney took this opportunity to replace the chillers with the latest technology.


Goldman Energy replaced

  • Two Electric chillers
  • Three end fed suction pumps
  • Four remote fan condenser units


City Recital Hall


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City Recital Hall Angel Place, Sydney NSW 2001 Australia