Fitzroy Pool is Melbourne’s premier 50-metre outdoor heated pool. The pool, a favourite summer playground for Yarra residents, recently introduced a Cogeneration system to heat the facility.

The site includes:

  • Outdoor 50m Pool
  • Outdoor toddler pool
  • A newly refurbished gym
  • Spinning studio
  • Group fitness classroom
  • Spa
  • Sauna facilities
  • Steam room facilities


The main objectives were

  • Reduced the running costs of the pool
  • Reducing the facilities carbon footprint.

 Project Overview:

Goldman Energy Installed a TEDOM T50 cogeneration unit in the Fitzroy Pool in 2011 / 2012.

We designed, installed, commissioned and now maintain the unit. Goldman Energy’s project management team oversaw the entire installation.

The pool is run year-round; therefore the water heating is vital for a pool located in Victoria. Goldman Energy’s Cogeneration system allows Fitzroy to maintain their temperature around 29oC.

Fitzroy Olympic Pool Cogeneration Project – T50kW Plant


The Fitzroy pool Cogeneration plant has now passed 12,000 hours and generated over 500,000KWh of energy.

It is estimated that the Cogeneration plant saves around 220 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Fitzroy Cogeneration Project - Melbourne

Fitzroy Cogeneration Project – Melbourne


City of Yarra


Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065