What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration is a highly efficient and ecologically beneficial method of power generation consisting of the effective utilisation of waste heat while producing power. During this heat and power generation process, fuel energy utilisation is up to 90% with minimal losses. Find out more about Cogeneration.

Technology Partners

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Goldman Energy are proud to offer TEDOM Cogeneration Units. TEDOM are our Technology partners from Europe and offer high efficiency Cogeneration reciprocating engines. Based on their extensive portfolio of over 3000 CHP units worldwide, TEDOM are constantly developing more efficient engines.

TEDOM is one of the leading Cogeneration technology suppliers in the world. Because of TEDOM’s long-term experience with CHP installations around the world, we are very flexible in meeting our clients’ different requirements.

Advantages of Cogeneration

Increased Efficiency

Up to 90% utilisation of energy.

Reduced Heat Loss and Energy Wastage leading to Lower Heating Bills

We use the heat generated in anything from Swimming pools, showers, domestic taps, air conditioning, heating, boilers and many other applications

Reduced Distribution Losses

Having CHP on site acts like your own personal power station, and all the power you generate is available for use. For this reason, governments advocate the use of CHP as a leading energy saving and carbon reduction device

Reduced CO2 Emissions and Carbon Footprint

Producing power from Cogen reduces the CO2 emissions by approximately 50% compared to standard Coal Fired Power Stations

Reduced Running Costs

Using cheap gas instead of expensive electricity means that we can reduce the operating costs making Cogeneration financially viable for a wide range of applications including industrial, commercial, hotels, aquatic centres and many more.

Reduced Heating Bills

Using the heat from the engine can significantly reduce your electricity and gas bills

North Sydney Olympic Pool T100kW Cogeneration

North Sydney Olympic Pool T100kW Cogeneration

Tedom CHP Units



  • From 7kW to 50kW
  • Integrated control system
  • Self ventilating - no need for additional ventilation in the plant room
  • Small compact size - they can be placed anywhere
  • Highly efficient - up to 94%
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  • From 50kW to 500kW
  • Integated control system
  • Can be self ventilating or forced ventilation into plant room
  • Range from 3.5m - 5.5m long and 1m - 2m wide
  • Highly efficiency - up to 92%
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  • From 400kW - 4000kW
  • Can be supplied with an integrated or a separate control system
  • Normally require additional ventillation
  • Up to 3m wide x 10m long
  • Highly efficiency - up to 90%
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