Automation and Control

Automation & Control

We supply all of our Cogeneration (CHP) engines with integrated Genset Controllers. Using a ComAp system we are able to program the machine to run 24/7, peak times only, during opening hours, when electricity or thermal demand is required or any combination of these.
The automated controls allow you to optimally run your plant increasing the efficiency of the project. This significantly reduces your operating costs.

The ComAp control system integrates seamlessly into your existing BMS System. This means that the entire operation of the Cogeneration unit can be controlled from a single internet connection.

 Remote monitoring options

We can set up the system to give you the level of control that you desire. Find out more

 Wireless Monitoring

We supply and install 3G wireless monitoring equipment from Outpost Central. This equipment allows you to have full visibility of your energy usage accross a campus without the need for cables.

Energy Monitoring

Our Onicon system provide accurate energy usage throughout the plant room. Giving you great visibility of the Cogen performance and other equipment.

Comap Intelisys monitor

Comap Intelisys monitor

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