As part of their Sustainable Sydney 2030 goals, the City of Sydney awarded Goldman Energy the turnkey Cogeneration project at the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 is a set of goals the City of Sydney have set to help make the city as green, global and connected as possible by 2030.

Sydney 2030 is now a major driver in Carbon reduction and Energy efficiency across the city. As part of this goal, the City of Sydney is embracing innovation and new technologies.

This Cogen system will reduce Carbon emissions for the lifetime of the project.

The Ian Thorpe Centre provides the community with high standard aquatic facilities including:

  1. Indoor 50m Competition Pool
  2. Interactive Water Play Area
  3. Learn to Swim Pool
  4. Spa, Sauna and steam rooms


The system will be designed to maintain the water temperature at 26.5oC throughout the year.

Project overview:

Goldman Energy has been engaged to design, supply and install a new combined heating and power system (CHP).

Goldman Energy has proposed a Tedom T200 engine that will provide the facility with a large proportion of their thermal requirements and a contribution to their energy whilst running in parallel gird mode.

Our team at Goldman Energy will provide a turnkey Design and Construct project to meet the City’s requirements. Our project management team will oversee the installation of the Cogeneration plant to ensure on time delivery.

T200 TEDOM Cogeneration Unit

T200 TEDOM Cogeneration Unit


The T200 engines will supply heat and power to the ITAC facility throughout the day.

Estimated carbon savings are 740 tonnes per annum. That’s the same as driving 180,000 km a year!