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A comprehensive metering program is essential to effectively manage and conserve energy resources in a campus environment. While traditional methods using a building control system to calculate energy can provide some useful information, ONICON BTU measurement systems offer greatly improved accuracy for the entire measurement system.

With an integral display and multiple output signal options, ONICON’s System-10 BTU Meter provides the accuracy, flexibility and reliability to meet the requirements of most hydronic energy measurement applications.

Onicon System 10 Thermal Energy Meter

Onicon System 10 Thermal Energy Meter

The flow, temperature and energy information that is provided is useful for:

  • Overall system performance verification during commissioning
  • Establishing baseline standards for system performance over time
  • Determining current system capacity vs. future needs for growth planning
  • Individual building efficiency
  • Cost allocation for individual buildings and departments
  • Control applications, such as chiller and boiler staging
  • Hydronic system optimization (kW/ton) and troubleshooting

ONICON’S System-10 is a true heat (BTU) computer, which accepts data from several sensors, performs a series of calculations with that data, and displays and/or transmits the results to your BMS.

Onicon Thermal Energy Meters

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