We were approached to provide Trigeneration facilities for the Qantas jet base facility in Mascot, NSW. We designed, installed, commissioned, and maintained, the plant.

Throughout 2014 Goldman Energy worked alongside GridX and Qantas to produce the plant that supplies up to 11.7MW of electricity, 12.3MW of heating and 23MW of cooling.

 Alongside the head office, Qantas now operate:

  • The Qantas Jetbase (maintenance and repair workshops)
  • The Qantas catering facility (creates the meals for all of Qantas’ flights)
  • The new Terminal 3 (opened in August 2013).


The energy costs for Qantas, coupled with the high costs for greenhouse gas emissions saw them look to Cogeneration to reduce their outgoings.

Qantas are included in the FTSE4Good Index as well as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and the Carbon Disclosure Project

And have been awarded

These sustainability criteria, identified as key performance indicators by Qantas, meant that identifying opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint was a high priority for the airline.

Project overview:

The solution, provided by Goldman Energy, was a Trigeneration system. Please see our Case Study for more details.

This state of the art facility includes:

  • Cogeneration TEDOM Engines providing heat and electricity,

We supplied two x 4000kW CHP engines and 2 x 1500kW from Tedom. These produce a combined power output of 11.7MW

  • Absorption chillers

Using four Double Effect Hot exhaust gas driven and one Single Effect Hot Water Driven absorption chillers from World Energy. These can produce a combined chilled water output of 11.7MW

  • Electrical chillers

Using electrical chillers enables us to meet peak demand of the facility. We installed two Carrier electric chillers capable of producing a combined Chilled water output of 8MW

  • Pumps and Control valves
  • High Tech Monitoring Equipment

Using the ComAp system to control the system means that the plant can be run as efficiently as required.


Goldman Energy now work closely with GridX to improve system performance. Following on from the commissioning phase, the 12MW Trigeneration system now includes a diesel generator to provide full power to Qantas Head office following a black out. The system is designed to be fully functioning within 2 minutes of a power failure.

qantas trigeneration central thermal plant cogeneration Sydney nsw australia generator

Qantas Trigeneration Plant 4MW MWM Gas Gen Set

49. absorption chiller hall qantas trigeneration project mascot nsw supply install commission maintain

Qantas Trigeneration Project Absorption Chiller Hall

Qantas Trigeneration Cooling Towers installed on the top of the plant room

Qantas Trigeneration Cooling Towers installed on the top of the plant room